Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sleepy Jackson's 2003 album "Lovers", Australian Indie music at its best

This multiple ARIA nominated debut alum by Sleepy Jackson is undoubtedly one of the best Australian indie rock albums of the 2000s. Sleepy Jackson were originally formed in Perth and took their name from a narcoleptic band member!

Essentially led by the multi instrumentalist Luke Steele, who comes from a musical family, they moved to Sydney & released their debut album in 2003. Luke Steele's latest project was the highly ambitious & multi ARIA winning debut album by Empire of the Sun in 2008.

"Lovers" is a compilation of Luke Steele's influences from pop harmonies to folk, electropop & indie guitar songs. His lack of direction is in fact the reason this album is so enjoyable. The only other musician who seem to do this variation of styles very well is in my view Moby.

Having said that, Luke Steele maintains a distinct style and sound which is easily identifiable in this album & his latest work (Empire of the Sun).

The album flows easily and is very easy to listen to as each song takes your mind away to a different place with different styles & influences evident in each song, from the Beatles to David Bowie to The Eagles & the Aussie trend setters the Church.

The standout songs are "Rain falls for Wind" & "Acid in my Heart". These two songs in my view are examples of the Australian indie scene at its best & in quality match works by the trend setting Aussie indie bands of the 80s & 90s such as the Church.

The two main singles are the catchy pop songs "Good Dancers" & "Vampire Racecourse". Other notable songs are "Mourning Rain", the pop influenced "Tell the Girls..." & (the Eagles sounding) country/folk influenced "Miniskirt". Even the song "Morning Bird" with an apparently young girls singing is a joy to listen to, even though highly out of phase with the rest of the album.

All in all one of the best albums out of Australia in the last decade.

My Rating: Essential for any music collection, 8/10