Friday, December 18, 2009

Updated Post: Selected Songs from the Best 100 Rock Albums of the Decade (in chronological order from 2000 to 2009)

This post was originally complied in September. I have edited the songs based of the feedback I have received, and since I am about to do the best of the 80s, I am reposting it again! Afterall, since music & fashion are all about recycling, why can't I recycle my blogs!? :)

Rock bands (and solo artists) have had a revival during the current decade compared to the 90s.
(This blog defines rock bands as a group of musicians (or a solo performer) who play musical instruments and are able to reproduce the the majority of their recorded music as a live act with only minor computerised assistance.).

This revival is impressive since it's been achieved despite many hurdles. Shows such as Pop Idol have become a generational music staple and carefully crafted lip syncing acts dominate the critical teenage music market. At the same time illegal downloads, MP3-4 type formats and iPod have destroyed the classic Record Shop business format and CD sales have dramatically declined in the past ten years. On top of all that genres like hip hop and rap have continued to dominate the critical USA market.

However, whilst the decade has seen many fine bands from both sides of Atlantic and Australia, most have clearly not managed to match the quality of the music of the legendary bands of the 60s and 70s. Nevertheless, I am not suggesting that the decade has not produced great songs worthy of the "classic" tag. Therefore, I have decided to list of my favourite songs of the decade and invite anyone who reads this blog to add their own favourite. However, there are three simple rules for the sake of clarity:

  1. Any song suggested must have been originally released in the year 2000 or later...late 1999 is also acceptable in order to account for the occasional timing delays in case of some releases between Europe and USA
  2. Bands/Solo performers who use a lot of sequenced/electronic samples do not qualify for this Top 100! The classic "Drummer, bass player, guitars, keyboards, sax and singer" must be clearly present.
  3. Solo act with a band may also be included (as opposed to solo acts who are clearly dance acts eg Kylie Minogue's "Can't get you out of my head" or Madonna's "Hung up" do not qualify, but Richard Ashcroft does)

Here are my most favourite rock songs of the decade, in an approximate chronological order from 2000 to 2009. I have kept the list based on 100 albums from various acts and welcome comments with your suggested additions.

  1. (Band) Coldplay, (Song) a) Yellow. b) Don't panic
  2. Doves, Firesuite
  3. Radiohead, Optimistic
  4. Richard Ashcroft (Verve), a) A song for the lovers b)Brave new world
  5. Tex Perkins, Please break me gently
  6. U2, Beautiful day
  7. The Whitlams, No aphrodisiac
  8. Gomez, We haven't turned around
  9. John Myer, Neon
  10. Kenny Wayne Shepard Band, Black on blue
  11. Radiohead, a) Knives out, b) I might be wrong
  12. Starsailor, Poor misguided fool
  13. Travis, a) Sing, b) Side
  14. Turin Brakes, The door
  15. Interpol, Untitled
  16. Alex Lloyd, Green
  17. The Roots, Seed 2.0
  18. The Whiltlams, Kate Kelly
  19. 3 Doors Down, Here without you
  20. The Cardigans, For What it's worth
  21. The Coral, Don't think you're the first
  22. The Dandy Warhols, a) Heavenly, b) You were the last high
  23. Death Cab for Cutie, We looked like giants
  24. Jack Johnson, a) Taylor, b) Cupid
  25. Jet, Are you gonna be my girl?
  26. Muse, Endlessly
  27. Opeth, In my time of need
  28. Pete Murray, So beautiful
  29. Radiohead, Punch up at a wedding
  30. Snow Patrol, a) Run, b) Ways and means
  31. Stereophonics, Maybe tomorrow
  32. The Waifs, Lighthouse
  33. Buckethead, Earth heals itself
  34. The Cat Empire, Two shoes
  35. Eskimo Joe, A song is a city
  36. Evermore, It's too late
  37. Franz Ferdinand, Dark of the matinee
  38. Green Day, Boulevard of broken dreams
  39. Interpol, A time to be so small
  40. Placebo, To the bitter end
  41. John Butler Trio, Zebra
  42. Keane, Everybody's changing
  43. Maroon 5, This love
  44. Missy Higgins, Ten days
  45. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, a) Spell, b) Let the bells ring, c) Supernaturally
  46. REM, Final straw
  47. Razorlight, Golden touch
  48. Rocket Science, Being followed
  49. Ryan Adams, English girls
  50. Sarah Blasko, Don't you ever
  51. Tristan Prettyman, When it rains
  52. Xavier Rudd, Shelter
  53. Athlete, Wires
  54. Coldplay, Square one
  55. Death Cab for Cutie, Your heart is an empty room
  56. Dream Theatre, These walls
  57. Elan, Midnight
  58. Elbow, Great Expectations
  59. Katie Melua, Nine million bicycles
  60. Kings of Leon, King of the Rodeo
  61. Pearl Jam, I am mine
  62. Pete Murray, Better days
  63. Stereophonics, Deadhead
  64. Tristan Prettyman, Please
  65. Wolfmother, a) Woman, B) Mind's eye
  66. Turin Brakes, Fishing for a dream
  67. Angus & Julia Stone, Paper aeroplane
  68. Eskimo Joe, Black fingernails, red wine
  69. Evermore, Running
  70. Jen Cloher, a) rain, b) Spring, c) Peaks & valleys
  71. John Mayer, Waiting for the world change
  72. Keane, Nothing in my way
  73. Muse, Map of problematique
  74. Silversun Pickups, a) Crazy eye, b) Well thought out twinkles
  75. Snow Patrol, Shut your eyes
  76. Arcade Fire, a) Neon Bible, b) Keep the car running
  77. Interpol, Wrecking ball
  78. Katie Melua, All in my head
  79. Amy Winehouse, a) Back to black, b) You know I am no good
  80. Linkin Park, a) What I've done, b) Get through
  81. OneRepublic, Apologize (with Timbaland)
  82. Radiohead, Weird fishes
  83. Travis, Eyes wide open
  84. Turin Brakes, For the fire
  85. The Audreys, Small things
  86. Death Cab for Cutie, I will possess your heart
  87. Duffy, a) Breaking my own heart, b) Mercy
  88. Elbow, The fix
  89. Empire of the Sun, We are the people
  90. Fall out Boy, I don't care
  91. Fleet Foxes, Tiger mountain peasant song
  92. Gabriella Cilmi, Sweet about me
  93. Kings of Leon, Sex on fire
  94. The Last Shadow Puppets, a) Standing next to you, b) The age of the understatementThe c) My mistakes were made for you
  95. REM, a) Accelerate, b) Houston, c) Sing for the submarine
  96. TV on the Radio, Love dog
  97. 3 Doors Down, She don't want the world
  98. The Verve, Columbo
  99. Silversun Pickups, a) The royal we, b) Growing old is getting old
  100. The Fray, You found me