Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Classic Overlooked Albums Review" Albert Hammond's "Your World & My World"

This has to be the easiest album review I have ever done for two simple reasons:
1. Check any of the reviews of this album on the net & you are most likely to read a 5 star rating
2. Unfortunately, this album, although reissued in the 90s, is hard to come by even on the Internet.
Having said that, if you are a fan of the late 70s, early 80s genres which have been variously described as "Soft Pop", "Adult Rock" etc, this album will blow you away.
Albert Hammond, whose most well known song is "When I need you", and his claim to fame in recent years is being the father of the Strokes' guitarist Albert Hammond Jr, has in my view written a once in a life time set of songs with gorgeous tunes and heart felt lyrics in this album which are simply hard to replicate. And listening to the rest of his work proves this.
"Your World & My World" was released in 1980 with little international success & only cult college following in the USA. Amazingly, the cult following continues as the album turns 30 in 2010 simply because both the songs and the lyrics are still fresh, and more importantly the crisp production & Albert Hammond's voice remain as fresh as ever.
If you are curious enough and have broadband, leave me your email in the comments section at the bottom of this review & as a promotional gesture I will email you one or two of the songs.
My rating: 10/10, one of the greatest soft pop albums of all time