Wednesday, November 4, 2009

David Gray is back at his best with his new Album "Draw The Line"

David Gray came to prominence with the release of one of  "White Ladder" in 1999-2000. The album went platinum on both sides of the Atlantic & across the world. White Ladder was the fourth album showcasing David Gray's down to earth music & personal lyrics. The somehow surprising success of that album brought about the usual pressures & expectations many rock/pop act face after a very successful release.

David Gray's subsequent two albums "A new day at midnight" & "Life in slow motion" both had some worthy songs but stepped away from what David Gray is about. They felt too contrived stepped away from David Gray's down to earth style. The first album was an attempt to produce "radio friendly" hits (a natural reaction by many artists after a major succes) whilst the later was too slow and melancholic.

With "Draw The Line" David Gray has gone back to his early years and what he is simply great at; gritty but melodic piano/guitar songs with lyrics that seem to come from the heart. The opening track "Fugitive" sets the scene with its catchy melody and the next song, the title track "Draw the line" re introduces the listeners to David Gray at his best.

The other outstanding songs are "First chance", and "Harder" and I also personally like "Kathleen". There are a few weeker songs is the album and some reviewers have canned Annie Lennox's performance in the duet "Full Steam" as disappointing.

Nonetheless, David Gray's return to his roots is exciting & his fans should rejoice. If you have not David Gray's music, try White Ladder & this album and you will be hearing him at his best

My Rating: 7.5/10 One of the better albums of 2009