Friday, July 31, 2009

Shipwrecked Songlist Vol 1

Imagine your car breaks down in heavy rain and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere! You start looking for help and find a cabin in the thick wet forest, it's warm with wood fire burning in the fireplace, red wine and food on the table, and a few books lying around begging to be read with a CD on the floor ready to be played in front of the fire! You pour yourself a glass of wine, warm your body in front of the fire, bite on a piece of cheese and bread, and grab the CD. They are a selection of indie artists, some known to you, some totally unknown, but none are mainstream.

Here are some of the songs I would be hoping to find on the CDs. I will be regularly writing more "Shipwrecked" song selections.

1. Rain by Jen Cloher. (have to st rat with that title for the sake of setting the scene!) A relatively unknown gem of a singer/songwriter with one of her best songs, simple acoustic riffs mixed in beautiful melody and immersed in Jen Cloher's brilliant country/western singing tone

2. Vanity Fair, By World Party, a tongue in cheek song about vanity, Karl Wallinger's best song since his 1980s super hit "Ship of Fools"

3. How to fight loneliness, by Wilco, a choice for its title, but a beautiful song by a great band

4. Fisherman's Blues, by Waterboys, Mike Scott, Karl Wallinger (World Party above) and co were at the time they wrote this song possibly the best indie band in the world. A folk violin based love song with gorgeous melodies and lyrics masterfully song by Scott.

5. The kiss, by Tristan Prettyman, an unusual name for a very attractive indie singer/songwriter from San Diego with a huge fan base in Southern California. I just love the way she sings this catchy song

6. The Fear, by Travis, a great love song from the Scottish lads' debut album, with honest sounds of analogue recording

7. Please break me gently, by Tex Perkins, one of Australia's greatest singer/songwriters of all time, from the solo album by the lead singer of Cruel Sea

8. Bird of paradise, by Snowy White, whilst he's better known for being one of the greatest session lead guitar player, this song is from his 1980s solo album and a proof that he was a star on his own as well.

9. If you think you know how to love me, by Smokie, One of the greatest underachieving bands of all time. They had the songwriting backing of the Chinn-Chapman fame, the tight guitar formation and the unique voice of Chris Norman, all evident in this one in a million song

10. Growing old is getting old, by Silversun Pickups, known for being the new Smashing Pumpkins, this is a suprisingly U2 influenced song, almost as if Billy Corgan and U2 got together and collaborated a song for U2 to play and Corgan to read. Imagining the talent you'd exoect a great song which is what you get here. Please also see my review on their new album "Swoon".

11. Me and my woman, by Roy Harper, just read my post on my blog about this song from the masterpiece album "Stormcock" by Roy Harper and you'll know I would take this song on my iPod with me to heaven or hell, no matter which one I will end up in!

12. Bed of Nails,by Ross Wilson, famous for his legendary work in teh Australian music scene with Daddy Cool and later on Mondo Rock, this is a great song from Ross Wilson's solo album in the early 90s

13. Lovers in the wind, by Roger Hodgeson, a simply beautiful love song from the masterful former singer/songwriter of Supertramp

14. Rich folk's hoax, by Rodriguez, Rodriguez was a loved cult hero in Australia and disappered for many years till the late 2000s when he returned to OZ for another tour. This song has deep lyrics blended into latin American influenced melodies

15. Breaking my own heart, by Duffy, Duffy's debut self titled album has been a top 10 sansation around the world. A unique mix of great production techniques, good song writing and duffy's unique voice makes the Album a must have. This song is only included in the Delux issue of the album as it was the song that initially helped Duffy being noticed