Friday, January 25, 2013

Classic Pop Albums Review: America's 1982 "A View from the Ground"

By the late 70s the hugely successful hit making trio of America were down to two original members as Dan Peek had left to pursue a solo career. The band had not had any major chart success for a few year.

"A View from the Ground" was America's triumphant return to the Top 10 Charts in 1982 with the catchy opening track, the Russ Ballard penned hit "You can do Magic".

The second song "Never be Lonely" is a great pop song and the rest of the tracks are a mix of great ballads such as "Inspector Mills" & "Right before your Eyes" as well as more upbeat pop tunes like "Desperate Love" & "Even the Score".

Overall, this album is one of the classic pop releases of the early 80s and whilst a relative success, should have done far better as it is full of quality pop songs. America continue to tour to this day but have been unable to repeat the success of their 1982 release.

My recommendation: If you like the Guitar based early 80s pop, this album is a must have! Rating: 9/10